School Tours

Example Tour Schedule

OPEN FOR SCHOOL TOURS   MON – FRI  April, May, June morning times. 
1st Activity

Petting Sheds


Learn about and pet our rabbits, hamsters,
snakes and bearded lizards.

2nd Activity

Pony/Donkey Rides










Learn about, pet and have a ride on one of
our beautiful ponies/donkeys.

3rd Activity

Barrel Train Ride









Jump in and enjoy the bumpy ride across
the fields, definitely a kiddies favourite. 🙂

4th Activity

Scheduled Outdoor Fun










To keep the children together it generally
works well to get them to particitate in the
following activities in the following order.
(A) Obstacle course, (B) Ride on track,
(C) Crazy Golf, (D) Basketball/Swing Ball

5th Activity











Enjoy your lunch in your ‘Base Camp Area’  
(Please view above for lunch options)

6th Activity

Free Playtime










This is where the kids can have some
Free Playtime, Outdoor or Indoor.
Check out our Activities page for all the fun things to do.

School/Group Tours
(with own packed lunch)
8per child

OPEN FOR SCHOOL TOURS   MON – FRI  April, May, June morning times

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School/Group Tours
Includes lunch
10per child

Chips, sausages, nuggets, ice-cream, blackcurrant & orange cordial.

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